CPL Aeroplane Licence Course

CPL Aeroplane Licence Course


This course is fulltime and runs for approximately eight months and covers both theory and the practical training. The theory component is conducted in house using Advance Flight Theory material and covers all 7 subjects required by CASA.

This course caters for candidates with no previous flying experience and who wish to gain a CPL in Aeroplanes. The initial training is conducted in the C172 before transitioning to the Diamond DA40 for the final phase of your training and flight test.

The 150* hr course is very structured the outline below will show you some important notes about the course structure. Alternatively you can fall back onto the 200* hr course.

Other course options are multi engine endorsements, tail wheel under carriage and night VFR rating. This can be included into the 150* or 200* hr course at an additional cost.

Job prospects for a commercial pilot can branch out to Tourism including charter and joy flight operations, freight transportation and mustering.

Fee includes all ground theory training, including texts books, maps, charts and exams,150 hours of Aeroplane flight training to commercial pilot standard, flight test fees and other charges.

The commercial course is GST free. Please refer to the course time table for course dates.

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Aircraft Endorsements are also available for the following:

Retractable Undercarriage; Aerobatics; Multi-Engine; Tail-Wheel; Cessna 172; Cessna 182; Diamond DA40; Piper Arrow; Seneca; Baron; Turbine Caravan.

Commercial Pilot Licence Course

* If additional training is required to ensure the student reaches the standards set by the syllabus, additional fees may be payable by the student. The course charges quoted above are current as of March 2012. Airways Aviation reserves the right to increase prices at any time. Price increases will apply to all customers/students, regardless of whether fees have been pre-paid or a course has commenced.

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